Flir IM75 Insulation & DMM Combo with METERLiNK®

  • ΚωδικόςFLR-IM75
  • ΔιαθεσιμότηςΣε απόθεμα
  • Εγγύηση10 χρόνια
  • ΚατασκευαστήςFlir
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FLIR IM75 Insulation & DMM Combo with METERLiNK®

The FLIR IM75 is both an advanced multifunction digital multimeter and premier handheld insulation tester for installation, troubleshooting and maintenance professionals. The IM75 includes several specialty insulation modes including: Polarization Index, Dielectric Absorption and Earth Bond Resistance. Insulation tests can be performed instantly, continuously and over a timed duration for in-depth assessment.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Handheld insulation tester for installation, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Multiple ranges of resistance insulation test levels available: 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V
  • Transmit readings to METERLiNK-enabled FLIR thermal imaging cameras, or view real-time readings on Android or iOS devices with free FLIR Tools Mobile app
  • True RMS DMM measurements with 1000V range
  • VFD Mode for superior accuracy on variable controlled drive equipment
  • Insulation modes: Polarization Index, Dialectric Absorption and Earth Bond Resistance
  • Bright LED worklights to illuminate test areas and targets
  • Multi-color LED display with Compare Mode makes pass/fail determinations easy
  • Durable double-molded construction (IP54, 3m Drop Test)

Flir IM75 Λειτουργίες & Ρυθμίσεις

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