Hikmicro Mini1 Thermal Imaging Camera USB-C

Hikmicro Mini1 Thermal Imaging Camera
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HIKMICRO Mini1 Thermal Imaging Camera.

A Powerful Thermography for Android Phones. Thermal imaging camera is one of the most powerful technologies ever developed to bring an invisible world to human’s naked eyes. Almost everything around us gives off or reflects heat, which can’t been seen by human eye but can be 'seen' by thermal imaging.

The Hikmicro Mini1 is an infrared-imaging module with an IR resolution of 160 x 120px and 40mK thermal sensitivity. It connects to an Android smartphone via a USB Type-C interface.

The Hikmicro Mini1 can measure temperatures between -20°C and +350°C to an accuracy of ±2°C/2%. It can be used with Hikmicro’s thermal app to inspect electrical equipment and troubleshoot HVAC problems.

This lightweight (26g) thermal module allows users to view thermal imaging on their Android smartphone. The Hikmicro Mini1 Android Smartphone Thermal Camera provides a simple and convenient method of measuring temperature and viewing heat distribution to diagnose and locate faults.

Key Features & Specifications:Hikmicro Mini Thermal Imaging Camera_1

  • 160 x 120 IR Resolution/ 19,200 Pixels
  • 25Hz Fast Image Frequency
  • Accuracy Max (±2°C/ ±2%)
  • Object Temperature Range -20 °C to 350 °C
  • Android (USB Type-C Interface)
  • Video Format MP4
  • Image Format JPEG

The package includes:

  • Mini1 Thermal Imaging Camera x 1
  • Storage Bag x 1
  • Quick Start Guide x 1

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