Fluke TiS55+ Thermal Camera
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  • ManufacturerFluke
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  • Guarantee2 years

The Fluke TiS55+ Thermal Imagers (the Product or Imager) are handheld, infrared imaging cameras for use in many applications. These applications include equipment troubleshooting, preventive and predictive maintenance, building diagnostics, and research and development. The Imager displays thermal images on a high-visibility, industrial-quality LCD touch screen. The Imager can save images to internal memory or to a removable memory card. Saved images and data stored in internal memory or on the memory card can be transferred to a PC through a direct USB connection to the PC or by wireless transfer to a PC or mobile device. The Imager works with the Fluke Connectapp available on mobile devices and with the Fluke Connect software available for PCs. A rugged, rechargeable lithium-ion smart battery provides power to the Imager. Direct ac power is accessible with the included ac power adapter.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • IR Resolution 256 × 192 pixels
  • Thermal Sensitivity/NETD <40 mK
  • FOV : 28o X 20o
  • Object Temperature Range -20 to 550°CFluke TiS55+_2
  • Manual focus
  • 6 Color Palettes
  • Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • Display 3.5", 640 × 480 pixel LCD
  • Minimum Focus Distance 0.5 m
  • Non-radiometric BPM or JPΕG or fully radiometric is2 (up to 500 photos in internal memory)
  • Wireless connectivity to pc, iphone, ipad and Android.
  • Analyze and store radiometric data on pc via Fluke connect
  • Voice annotation up to 60sec via Bluetooth headset

The Package includes:

Infrared camera, ac power supply (including universal ac adapters), one rugged lithium ion smart battery , USB cable, 4 GB micro SD card, rugged, hard carrying case, soft transport bag, adjustable hand strap. Available by free down-load, desktop software and user manual.


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