Fluke FEV300 Test Adapter EV Charging w/Fluke 1664FC

Fluke FEV300 Kit
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  • Guarantee2 years
  • ManufacturerFluke
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The Package Includes

  • FEV300/BASIC Test Adapter
  • 1664 FC Installation Multifunction Tester
  • FEV300-CON-TY2 Type 2 Plug
  • Carrying case

Fluke FEV300

The Fluke FEV300 electric vehicle charging station test adapter simulates the presence of an electrical vehicle, allowing the user to conduct safety and functionality tests in combination with appropriate test instruments such as an installation multifunction tester, digital multimeter or oscilloscope. Use the FEV300 for station installations and to verify the station is working properly after install, during periodic maintenance, or troubleshooting an if the station is not delivering the appropriate charge in accordance with IEC/EN 61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-722.

Perform a variety of tests including ground fault checks, insulation of wires, voltage and duty cycle to see max current available for charging all in one adapter. The FEV300 is suitable for AC charging stations with charging mode 3 and connectors type 2 and type 1.

Fluke 1664 FC

The Fluke 1664 FC Installation Tester is the only tester with "Insulation PreTest." If the tester detects that an appliance is connected to the system under test, it stops the insulation test, helping eliminate accidental damage. The 1664 FC also gives you Fluke Connect®, so you can send test results to your smartphone and collaborate with others.