JBC US1-SL2020 Soldering set
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JBC SL2020-KIT Soldering kit

JBC SL2020 Temperature-controlled Iron
This soldering iron features a reliable temperature controller integrated to the handle which is adjustable according to your needs.

  • Power 40 W
  • Temperature selection 100 to 400ºC
  • Time for 300 ºC 40 seconds

Its size and weight are similar to those of a pencil soldering iron.

This soldering iron is complete in itself, with a three-pin mains plug and a heat resistant cable.

All components are replaceable.

JBC Classic Stand US1000 for soldering irons (Part num. 0290100) JBC PENCIL LINE

The US1000 stand for classic series adapts to 30ST, 40ST, 65ST soldering irons when not in operation.

As all JBC classic stands, it protects from heating and offers a dual functionality: tool fixation and tip´s cleaning.

It is supplied with a sponge that should be used slightly moisted with deionized water.


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