Dino-Lite AM2111
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The Dino-Lite AM2111 Basic is the entry level Dino-Lite USB microscope without compromise on product quality. It offers VGA resolution imaging (640x480), LED illumination, tough composite housing and a variable magnification of 10~70x and 200x.

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- Large range of magnification:
Be able to use the Dino-Lite for an abundant of applications with its large range of magnification from 20x ~ 50x plus 200x without changing a single lens. The capability is achieved by scrolling the dial on the Dino-Lite to focus in relation to the working distance. Use low magnification at a distance and higher magnification (50x) when almost touching the specimen. At the same distance for 50x, keep on scrolling the dial to the right and obtain the highest magnification of 200x.

- Stimulate interest and excitement with a digital microscope:
Simply connect to a computer with USB 2.0 and sharing what you are observing under the microscope cannot be easier, as it can be shared either directly on a monitor or delivered through digital media. Also with the Dino-Lite’s ease-of-use design, it’s very approachable by beginners of microscopy.


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