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HBM-1-LY43-6/350 LY Linear Strain Gauges with 1 Measuring Grid

Series LY is the first choice for strain measurements in only one direction. With types LY1, LY2, LY4, LY5, LY6, LY7 and LY8 we offer you linear strain gauges (SGs) in various geometries and sizes, each available with temperature responses adapted for steel, aluminum or to customer specification. Strain gauges are available with nominal (rated) resistances of 120, 350, 700 and 1000 ohms.

Y series linear strain gage with 1 measuring grid
Measuring grid foil: Constantan
Carrier: Polyimide
Encapsulated measuring grid and Integrated solder tabs
Temperature response matched to aluminium
Nominal resistance: 350 Ohm
Measuring grid length: 6 mm
Maximum permissible effective bridge excitation voltage: 15V
Solder terminals: LS5
(Solder terminals not obligatory)

Contents per package: 10 pieces

The measuring grid consists of constantan; the material of the measuring grid carrier is polyimide. While we offer a wide selection of products, they all have one thing in common: the excellent properties of HBM Y series strain gauges:
Universal strain gauge with excellent properties
Various connection configurations available, including version with practical connection cable flexible and easy to work with.


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