The new Fluke T6-600 and T6-1000 Electrical Testers with FieldSense technology let you measure voltage the same way you measure current, without test lead contact to live voltage. Just slide the open jaw over a conductor and see the voltage level. Much more than just a voltage detector, these new testers give you a reliable voltage and current measurement, without test leads, and without contacting a bare, metal conductor.

Also making use of FieldSense technology is the new PRV240FS Proving Unit. This device provides a fast, safe and reliable sourcing method to verify that your electrical test tool is operating properly before you conduct any live tests – without having to make electrical contact. The concept of “Test Before Touch” (TBT) involves testing your test tool against a known live source before and after the actual measurement. This sequence verifies that your test tool is operating properly during the actual measurement.

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