Fluke Laser Levels

Built with the ruggedness you expect from Fluke. Tested to survive a one-meter drop. Accurate to 6 mm at 30 meters (3-point lasers), to 3-mm at 10 meters (2-line lasers). Fast settling, self-leveling gimbal gives you accurate marks almost instantly.

Fluke LDR and Fluke LDG Laser Line Detectors
Fluke Laser Line Detectors work with line laser levels to provide fast, accurate detection of plumb and level lines in high ambient light situations.

Fluke 180LR and Fluke 180LG Laser Level Systems
Fluke laser level systems include a portable laser detector for use in high ambient light situations

Fluke 180LR and Fluke 180LG
Self-leveling 2-line laser levels help establish reference points … fast, accurate, reliable

Fluke 3PR and Fluke 3PG
Self-leveling 3-point laser level allows for fast, accurate layout of reference points

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