The first industrial clamp meters on the market that allow you to make non-contact voltage measurement accurately, without test leads, thereby enhancing safety and improving productivity.

The Fluke-377 FC/E and Fluke-378 FC/E Clamp Meters have 4 unique capabilities that set them apart from other clamp meters:

- Voltage and Current Measurements with FieldSense™ technology
Measure true-rms voltage and current readings without making any metallic contact to a live conductor using FieldSense™- a Fluke-patented technology. The dual display allows voltage and current measurements to be viewed simultaneously.

- Complete 3-phase measurements in quick, easy steps
No more hand-written notes or complicated math. Simply clamp the jaw over each of the three phase conductors and get a full set of phase-to-phase voltage and current measurements on the clamp. Phase rotation information is also auto-calculated and shown on the Fluke Connect software.

- Power quality indicator monitors equipment for power-related issues
The Fluke-378 FC/E includes a unique PQ that senses power quality issues related to voltage, current and power factor automatically. Now you can quickly determine if an upstream supply problem exists or if there is a downstream equipment problem.

- Record, analyze, share results with Fluke Connect® software
Automatically record all measurements, see the full set of 3-phase readings at a glance, collect data over time for preventive maintenance, share results and questions with coworkers.

See the new Fluke 377/378 FC in our E-shop.

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