NSmarket in collaboration with Fluke is proud to announce the new Fluke TiS55+ & Fluke TiS75+ thermal imager cameras for use in many applications. These applications include equipment trouble shooting, preventive and predictive maintenance, building diagnostics, and research and development. The Imager displays thermal images on a high-visibility, industrial-quality LCD touch screen.

The Imager can save images to internal memory or to a removable memory card. Saved images and data stored in internal memory or on the memory card can be transferred to a PC through a direct USB connection to the PC or by wireless transfer to a PC or mobile device. The Imager works with the Fluke Connectapp available on mobile devices and with the Fluke Connect software available for PCs. A rugged, rechargeable lithium-ion smart battery provides power to the Imager. Direct ac power is accessible with the included ac power adapter.

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