The new Keysight EL30000 Series bench DC electronic loads provide superior performance in compact bench form factor. A single and dual-channel model is available with up to 600 W – ideal for design verification of consumer power supplies, batteries, battery modules, solar panels, LED drivers, and power converters.
The models of the new series include:

  • Keysight EL34143A Single-input DC electronic load: 150 V, 60 A, 350 W
  • Keysight EL34243A dual-input DC electronic load: 150 V, 60 A, 300 W; total 600 W

Each EL30000 Series bench DC electronic loads have a fully integrated voltmeter and ammeter to simultaneously measure the voltage and current for the device under test (DUT).

The EL30000 Series bench DC electronic loads can continuously log voltage, current and energy to a data file.

Test the transient response of your power source with a dynamic load profile.

The built-in scope feature digitizes the voltage and current and displays the results – just like an oscilloscope.

Keysight’s Pathwave BenchVue software for the PC or a soft front panel via a web interface allows uses to operate the electronic load remotely, execute test sequences, log data, and integrate with other test instruments.

See the new series EL30000 της Keysight in our E-shop.

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