The Fluke TiS20+ MAX camera puts the power of thermal imaging at your fingertips. The TiS20+ MAX has a temperature range up to 400°C in addition to 5 hours of battery life and IP54 dust and water protection.

This thermal imager is the right tool for:
- Commercial electricians
- Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technicians
- Maintenance technicians

In thermography, context matters. Let Fluke IR-Fusion™ make your job easier by using a thermal image overlaid on a visual light image to give you the full picture of where the issue is before it becomes a problem. Simply slide your finger across the screen to adjust the level of infrared. Whether you are finding an uneven load on a switchgear or inspecting a ventilation system, the Fluke TiS20+ helps you detect issues quickly.

The TiS20+ Max can work without a break, with a battery life of over 5 hours of continuous use making it the longest battery life in a Fluke thermal camera ever. Save your battery life in-between inspection points with sleep mode. Simply press the power button one time and you are back up and running.

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