The new Fluke PQ400 electrical measurement window removes the need to schedule time to open a panel to make measurement connections. It allows you to make connections at any time without compromising safety or impacting operations, because panel doors can remain closed.

The Fluke PQ400 Electrical Measurement Window is a permanently installed interface that provides technicians with near-instant access to electrical panels for making critical power quality and energy measurements. The PQ400 installs using a standard step drill bit and electro-hydraulic hole punch (114.3 mm, 4.5-inch hole diameter), and allows users to make three-phase voltage, current and ground connects covering most measurement configurations.

Once installed, users can simply unlock the window cover, lift the lid, and connect the voltage leads of the logger or analyzer. Then, connect the leads for the current sensors and start making critical measurements. Once complete, simply remove the voltage and current connections from the front panel interface and lock the window lid, leaving the internal connections in place for future use.

Installation Process
Fluke PQ400_1 banner
- Drill a guide hole
- Expand the hole
- with Unibit (step bit) or hole saw tool or
- by using a 4.5 inch/ 114.3 mm screw-type hydraulic hole punch
The hole is now ready to mount the PQ400.

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