Fluke Networks announces the new Fluke Networks MicroScanner PoE the next iteration of the MicroScanner series and carries with it features to help the technician quickly troubleshoot if the issue is with their powered device, the cable, or the switch.

PoE used to be simple. It has become complex. New standards, like IEEE 802.3bt, are being ratified to ensure more power can be delivered over more pairs. However as Powered Devices (like cameras and wireless APs) ask the Power Source Equipment for power, the switch can say NO.

In only a few seconds the new MicroScanner POE provides information to solve those tough PoE problems. It will tell a Technician if the cable good or bad and the Network Engineer if the switch port is configured properly or not. If both are good a customer will know that the Powered Device needs to be exchanged.

Click here to find out more about the new MicroScanner POE.

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