Fluke, the largest supplier of intrinsically safe measurement tools, expands its line of EX products with the Fluke Intrinsically Safe Flashlights. In hazardous, potentially explosive work zones, safety is the main concern. The new flashlights are great for general purpose lighting, but also offer a design specific for safe use in hazardous work sites in oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical processing, mining, paint shops, and other potentially explosive areas.

Four models to fit your workload:

- Fluke FL-45EX – Convenient and compact. This pocket-sized light is great for lighting in small, crowded spaces or wherever you need it.

- Fluke FL-120EX – Comfortable enough for everyday use. This light fits in your tool belt and features an ergonomic design with an over molded rubber grip and a push-button for high and low light modes.

- Fluke FL-150EX – Light for any workspace. This light fits in your tool belt and offers a high, low and a strobe light mode to give you the light you need wherever and whenever you need it.

- Fluke HL-200EX – Hands-free headlamp. This headlamp securely grips your hardhat, leaving your hands-free for whatever your job demands. The light features an adjustable angle, as well as high and low light modes.

See the new models in our E-shop

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