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Microrad is a manufacturer and developer of measurement systems for the field of electromagnetic compatibility and safety.

Microrad's know-how consists of desiging and manufacturing electric, magnetic and electromagnetic field sensors ranging from static to millimeter waves.

It provides cutting-edge solutions in all areas of broadband and selective measures both in real-time mode and stand-alone.

The products of Microrad conform to have been designed to operate in accordance with Standard EN-CENELEC.

The current product portfolio includes:
- Interchangeable isotropic probes for electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields;
- Wide band meter (DC-40GHz);
- Time / Frequency Analyzers for Complex Signals ( from DC to 400KHz)

Key market sectors include:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Safety
  • Telecommunications (TLC)
  • Industrial -Scientific-Medical (ISM)
  • Military
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