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ABI Electronics Ltd is a leading supplier, with more than 30 years experience, of developing the highest quality test, measurement and fault-finding equipment backed by a global reputation for its quality and support services.

ABI products are designed and manufactured at its premises in the UK and exported all over the world.

The trend of increasing complexity fault diagnosis products, at ever increasing prices, was broken by ABI in 1991 with the SYSTEM 8 range which was designed and produced at a much lower cost while providing an unprecedented level of fault diagnosis capabilities.

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ABI is known for keeping abreast of technology changes in order to offer solutions that are in response to its customers’ needs.
One example was the release of the JTAGMaster which responded to the introduction of BGA devices, and therefore the need for programming and testing them.

The ABI BoardMaster 19" Rack Electronics Diagnostic System remains a highly popular product among blue chip companies and dedicated repair centers alike. ABI continues to develop this product, taking constant account of customer comments and suggestions.

ABI Lab 2

Other aspects of electronics are not neglected. The increasing problem of counterfeit components is a threat to any electronics supplier and manufacturer. ABI released in 2008 the acclaimed SENTRY Counterfeit IC Detector and was awarded the following year a Global Technology award at Productronica 2009.

ABI, besides its 30 years experience of developing the highest quality testing and fault-finding equipment, it is also certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015. The system is based on an ongoing commitment to quality, professional fulfillment of duties and constant expansion and development.

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