AFL delivers a complete portfolio of integrated test and inspection equipment

To protect valuable fiber optic network investments, businesses, contractors and fiber technicians turn to AFL for the simplest and most convenient testing equipment. With its best-in-class NOYES® product line, AFL offers a complete portfolio of integrated test equipment.
While many manufacturers use a modular approach to fiber optic network testing equipment, NOYES components are integrated to streamline testing with cost-effective, practical solutions. Rather than purchasing separate power meters, light sources and visual filter identifiers, NOYES combines all components into one, easy-to-use solution, allowing customers to leverage significant cost savings.

AFL offers the following product categories:
- OTDRs and Fault Locators
- Certification and Optical/Return Loss Test Kits
- Optical Power Meters
- LED and Laser Light Sources
- Visual Fault Identifiers, Microscopes and Videoscopes
- Optical Fiber Identifiers
- Inspection and Cleaning
- Attenuators and Network Activation Kits
- Accessories

Whether you're installing fiber optic cable or testing a splice, choose AFL's easy-to-use, application-specific fiber optic network testing equipment. With ISO 9001:2008 certification and quality standards, service, training and technical support, AFL is the right choice for test and inspection equipment.

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