The company was founded on 10 May 1879 by the master plumber Wilhelm Paff who developed, manufactured and sold soldering fluid.

In the 1950s Stannol started to develop products for electrical engineering and later also for the electronics industry.

In 1989 Stannol was taken over by the British Kelsey Industries group with its own subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Australia and Malaysia.


On 1 July 2001, Karl-Heinz Dörr as former Managing Director took over Stannol-Lötmittelfabrik Wilhelm Paff GmbH & Co. KG, which in the meantime operates under the name of Stannol GmbH & Co.KG , in the course of a management buy-out. In 2017, Marco Dörr becomes managing director at his father's side and takes over most of his duties.

The company is held in high regard by customers worldwide. This applies both in the industrial sector as well as for the DIY range because Stannol applies the high quality requirements of our customers to all our products.

The product range includes solder, soldering wire, solder paste, solder flux, soldering irons and electronically controlled soldering stations and a comprehensive range of accessories.

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